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The Absolute Best Protection

in Texas

Our History

Learned From Our Clients

After 8 years in the business, we have learned to assess and provide for our clients needs. For a long time, many security companies have said they provide a better service simply by saying they have the best technology, when in fact, their equipment relies on 15 year old technology. As a company our background is in the technical side of the security industry of focus is not on making sales but providing total protection to our customers.  As members of the community we are here to help make sure we help to keep what matters most to you safe.

Our Service

Equal Parts Professionalism and Personalism

Here at Network Security Services we establish business on a personal level, by sending out a technician to personalize a system specifically designed to meet the needs of our clients. Unlike some companies who sell pre-determined packages, we make sure that our clients don’t overpay for equipment they do not need. Our packages do not come with a pre-determined number of motion sensors, and any extra ones we add to a package come free of charge. We believe in an equal balance between professionalism and personalism.

WE make sure you have the latest and most reliable equipment available.