Home Security Statistics

Here are some home security statistics that may shock you

Home Burglaries Reported in the U.S. Yearly
0 Times
A Minute a home intrusion is committed
Cars stolen per day
Burglaries that are Residential
Higher Chance Home Without System Broken into
Homes with security system

Burglary Facts

  • 1 out of 3 Residential assaults are a result of burglary.
  • 85% of break-ins are from non-professionals that are usually more desperate and dangerous
  • Insurance Agencies can offer discounts up to 20% when a home security system is installed.
  • Thieves prefer easy access, through an unlocked door or window.

More Facts

  • Burglars look for items that are small and expensive.
  • Burglaries usually occur in the day time when occupants are at school or work.
  • Burglars usually select a home that has the greatest amount of cover and the best escape routes.
  • If you see anyone acting suspicious around your house or a neighbor’s, call 911 immediately.

Please take the necessary precautions to protect your household