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Great Protection

Starts with

The Installation

210-201-4258 for Complete Protection

Professional Installations Prevent Professional Break-ins

Intruders are always looking for Vulnerability

Unfortunately  thieves are out there and they are on the prowl. They are looking for any vulnerability that gives them an edge and homes that are not monitored are their first choice. Then being able to cut lines for power, phone, or internet knowing that they will be able to disable inferior systems that are outdated or mediocre. The placement of home security equipment is extremely important in providing superior protection and an instantaneous response. Which is why it is important to have a your home security system professional installed. We do a walk through of your home to make sure everything is installed in the best location.

quick response

We are there we you need us. Our technicians are always available when it comes to the installation and service afterwards. We don’t try to instruct you on how to do it all by yourself over the phone.

Superior Service

Protecting your home is what matters most to us. Providing you with a great customer service experience is what we strive for. Our technicians take their time to make sure you understand everything.

Peace of Mind

We give you the explanation of  how your protected from every different entry. We also to help you setup every available feature. Allowing you to relax knowing your truly protected.

210-201-4258 for Complete Protection

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All Systems come with Two Way Voice

Allowing you to talk to dispatch through the security system.

Giving you a faster response from emergency responders.

Greatly reducing in false alarms

CSAA Five Diamond Certified Monitoring

Highest level of dispatchers in the alarm industry

Committed to providing superior customer service

Proficient in alarm verification & communication to responder

We're Always Here for You 24/7

Your home is always being monitored

For intrusion, medical emergencies, personal security

Along with Fire monitoring

Nothing is more important to us than your safety and well-being

Every System comes with Cellular Monitoring