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Home Automation


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See what you want whenever you want to. Our full camera line lets you keep an eye on things. With the ability to view recording or live footage from your phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

It All works together to keep you in control

Remote door lock

Our locks give you total control over the entrance to your home. When you get home  and unlock the door your alarm system will know to disarm itself, and if you have a Light Control module a light will turn on at the same time. Arm your system at night and your door will lock itself in case your forget.  No more kids losing keys with the keypad just assign them a code and the door will unlock itself after putting in the code. If you have someone working at your house while your gone you can let them in using your remote app or give them a temporary code. This device is awesome.

Light control

Seeing is believing. The home automation light control puts light where you need it. When coming home and disarming the the system the light control can automatically have a light come on to so your not moving around in the dark. Plus if the alarm is triggered the light will immediately come on. Program a schedule so that your able to give the appearance that someones always home when your away. Plus full remote control from the app and system we make things easy for you.


Best thing first off is the fact that this device saves your money. For home automation and its expense the saving from thermostat is amazing. Because it learns your habits when you get home when you leave and automatically making those adjustments for you. You also have the ability to easily setup a schedule and make changes remotely.

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