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Network Security Services

Total Home Protection you get it ALL

the best San Antonio home security systems are installed by technicians

Real home security systems need to be installed by licensed technicians to ensure the proper placement of equipment. We always send out a technician you to show you what is needed to give you complete protection from your home security system.  Giving you a professional that is aware of the ways criminals can break in to your home, while also listening to what your concerns are so that the most appropriate equipment can be installed. Schedule a free in home consultation so that we can show you the difference a technician can make.

Easy to use smart home app keeping you constantly connected

Nothing is more important that making things simple and easy to use. Our apps give you the latest in communication to your system allowing you to keep in touch with your home security system and aware of what is going on at home whenever you want. Receive text messages when alarms go off or if the kids haven’t gotten home yet. Use Geo services to remind you when you leave the house to arm the system. Set up reminders in case you forget to close a door by either text or email we make it simple and easy to use.

Cellular Touchscreen Wireless Comprehensive System

Phone line and internet based security systems can be defeated from outside your home with a pair of wire cutters. Which is way we install our touchscreen wireless security system with the cellular monitoring that means no cut lines outside your home. If you lose power the security system internal back up battery that will immediately notify you and last for 24hrs. Easy one button panic button to alert emergency responders in case of a fire, medical, or police emergency. All of our home security systems come with smash and grab protection that signals the police even if the system is destroyed.   Our easy to use intuitive alarm systems make having home security an enjoyable experience.

Protection from more that just break-ins

All of are systems come with a Firefighter device that attaches to your current smoke detectors that activates when they do. Giving you an added layer of protection when you need it the most. When seconds count our equipment helps to keep your family safe. There are various life safety devices available to you such as medical pendants incase you have a loved one that needs some extra attention, our surveillance systems and staff are dedicated to helping keep you safe.
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All Systems come with Two Way Voice

Allowing you to talk to dispatch through the security system.

Giving you a faster response from emergency responders.

Greatly reducing in false alarms

CSAA Five Diamond Certified Monitoring

Highest level of dispatchers in the alarm industry

Committed to providing superior customer service

Proficient in alarm verification & communication to responder

We're Always Here for You 24/7

Your home is always being monitored

For intrusion, medical emergencies, personal security

Along with Fire monitoring

Nothing is more important to us than your safety and well-being

Full smart home automation is also available

Video Monitoring

Video Monitoring Services are also available. Wireless live streaming video to you smart phone and saved images that are motion activated or triggered when the alarm is activated.

Appliance module

No more wondering if you left something on in your home.  You will always be able to turn off anything inside in your plus the ability to set up schedules give your full home control.

Smart Home Door Lock

The time of lost keys is over with our remote door lock. You will be able to let people in right from your phone and keep informed of who is going in and out by assigning codes to different people.

Smart Home Thermostat

Energy saving thermostat that learns your schedule and allows  you to setup up schedules in order to save and conserve energy cost.  Just making life more simple.
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